THE D.C. SPIDER WEB: Chapter One


The D.C. Spider Web is an investigation into the people at the highest levels of power and influence in Washington D.C.

What began as a look into socialites surrounding James Alefantis evolved into an investigation of the ever-expanding web of connections between all sections of D.C. high society – art, politics, business, philanthropy, Hollywood, and beyond.

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First, we’ll tell you what we’re going to show you.

Then we’ll show you.

Then we’ll tell you what we just showed you.

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In Chapter One, we will look at a socialite friend of James Alefantis’s named Izette Folger, and how she and her in-laws, the Folgers, are connected to a child trafficking charity, a Dominican Republic orphanage, have access to hundreds of millions of dollars, own expensive art, know people at the highest level of influence from politics to business to Hollywood, and even have access to the Bohemian Grove.




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This is Izette Folger (born Izette Maccoby).

She is a D.C. socialite and looks to have been friends with James Alefantis for years:

Here they are at Comet Ping Pong in 2009.

Here they are at Transformer View in 2010.

Here they are at Transformer View in 2011.

Here they are in 2015. *


James Alefantis is the Board President of a D.C. artists’ non-profit called Transformer.

Izette Folger is on the Transformer Board of Directors as an artist.


Here she is at a Media Matters party in 2009. *

David Brock was at the same party. He is known to be James Alefantis’s ex-boyfriend. The two were involved in a bizarre blackmail lawsuit.

David Brock founded Media Matters and Correct the Record, which lean strongly left.

Both of these were funded by George Soros.


Izette Folger is on the Advisory Board for Innocents at Risk, a charity founded to tackle child exploitation and human trafficking.

It works directly with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.




Izette Folger is married to Neil Folger.

Izette and Neil Folger are Visionary Friends of James Alefantis’s Transformer.

The Folgers have access to people of high stature. Here they are with the Japanese Ambassador, Ichiro Fujisaki.

Here is Neil Folger at the annual dinner of the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boysa tuition-free, private, Episcopal, all-boys school.


Neil Folger is Senior Vice President at Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management, Inc.

In 2006, he featured in Washington Life Magazine, advising readers how to invest $30 million.

In 2007, the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission) issued an order forcing Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas to pay almost $250,000 to their advisors.

This was caused by “the firm’s failure to seek best execution and its failure to disclose available brokerage options, along with the potential conflict of interest relating to its acceptance of referrals from affiliated registered representatives.”



Here is a photograph of Neil and his motherNancy ‘Bitsey’ Folger.

Here is Bitsey Folger with her daughter-in-law Izette at a Transformer event.

Bitsey Folger’s father was Neil H. McElroy, U.S. Secretary of Defense for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and ex-President of Proctor & Gamble.

President Eisenhower presented McElroy with the Medal of Freedom in 1959.


Bitsey Folger is on the Board of Directors of many non-profits and foundations:

Bitsey Folger is a director at Live It Learn It, a children’s educational charity. Her bio says that she also serves on the boards of the White House Historical Association and The National Symphony Orchestra.

Bitsey Folger is also a former Trustee of the Black Student Fund, which provides support to black D.C. students from pre-K through 12th grade.

Here is Bitsey Folger on the Board of Directors of Vital Voices, an international women’s NGO.

She is joined on the board by many people of note, including:

  • Sally Field
  • Diane Von Furstenburg
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton
  • a former advisor to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Committee on Strategic Dialogue and Civil Liberty
  • President Bill Clinton’s Director of the U.S. State Department Art in Embassies Program
  • US Ambassadors
  • Chairman of Universal Pictures
  • Chief Communications Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • a Baroness and Member of the U.K. House of Lords
  • one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women
  • assistant counsel to the Banking Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • a trustee of Jordan’s King Hussein Foundation, who sits on the Arab American Institute.
  • and more…


Bitsey Folger is also on the board of directors of the National Archives Foundation, Corcoran Gallery of Art Women’s Committee, Arena Stage, The National Symphony, Spoleto Festival USA, The White House Historical Association, and more.


She is also listed as a consultant to the Children’s Defense Fund, which has Reese Witherspoon on its board of directors, and lists Hillary Clinton as a former Chair.



Nicholas and Peter Folger were the sons of Bitsey Folger.

Peter Folger was a social worker and master gardener. He passed away in 2016.

It seems as though Nicholas F. Folger passed away in 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. Although the link is now dead we can surmise that it is the same Nicholas F. Folger, since Malcolm McElroy, his uncle, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Neil H. McElroy, his grandfather, was born and raised in Ohio.

Neither were of interest to the investigation.



Lee Merritt Folger is the ex-husband of Bitsey Folger, and is Neil Folger’s father.

Lee M. Folger is the chairman of the board of Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management, a $735 million Registered Investment Advisor, and the same firm as Neil Folger.

Here are Lee M. Folger and his wife Juliet Folger.


Lee and Juliet Folger run the Lee and Juliet Folger Fund.

According to this website, The Folger Fund had assets worth $22 million dollars in 2014.

However, this IRS document has the amount at $44 million.

The Folger Fund has millions of dollars worth of stock in such companies as Amazon, American Express, Apple, Boeing, Ebay, Exxon Mobil, GE, Google, HP, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Disney, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Paypal, Kellogg’s, JP Morgan & Chase, Twitter and Time Warner.

The Folger Fund donates millions of dollars in donations every year, including at least $1 million to the National Gallery of Art yearly.

Although, in 2014, they purchased two paintings from the National Gallery of Art in 2014, totalling over $6 million. This was more than half of their yearly grants and contributions paid.

In fact, the National Gallery of Art has the Lee & Juliet Folger Fund listed 19 times alongside of art pieces.


Lee Merritt Folger was invited to the Bohemian Grove in 2008.

Also invited were George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Buffett, Clint Eastwood, Peter Jackson, Henry Kissinger, James Matheson, David Rockefeller and David Rockefeller Jr., and James H. Woods.

All the Folgers are on the 2011 Washington Life Social List, and appear in many other years also.


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In summary, Chapter One showed us how James Alefantis’s socialite friend Izette Folger is an advisor to a child-trafficking charity connected to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Her husband, Neil Folger controls a lot of money. His mother, Bitsey Folger, is on many boards and connected to many people in the highest circles of politics, entertainment and charity. Her ex-husband is the CEO of a firm worth over $700 million, runs a massive fund specializing in art, and who was invited by name to the Bohemian Grove alongside Hollywood hotshots, a former President, and several Rockefellers.


Children, money, art, charity, Hollywood, politics, the Bohemian Grove, and James Alefantis. All connected to the Folger family.


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In Chapter Two, we will look at Izette Folger’s own family, the Maccobys.

Thanks for reading and please continue to support and join







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* There are several figures of interest named or connected here, to which we will return in a later chapter.


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  4. Barnaby Jones

    I just stared reading the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon regarding the CIA and military involvement in the hippie and music movement in the 60’s. I read the name Abigail Folger (murdered by the Manson family) and remembered the name Izette Folger and wondered if there was a connection.. yes, of course there is.

  5. Maria Timmerman

    Wonderfull. After many years I found out what happened to the Folgers. In the periode april 1965 up to may 1967 I lives in Washington DC and was the Dutch nanny of Neil, Peter and Nicolas Folger.
    Shortly after there mother divorced Lee, I talked voor the last time over the telefoons.
    Only now I read what happened to “my” boys and the rest of the family.
    Woud like the address of Neil, of possible. So I found make contact.

  6. Maria Timmerman

    Wonderfull to find thuis Spider web. During the periode of april 1965 up to mag 1967 I lived in Washington DC and was the Dutch nanny of Neil and his brothers Peter and Nicolas. Nu last contact with there mother mrs NANCY McElroy Folger was shortly after her divorce from Lee
    Sad to read about the early death of both Peter and Nicolas and there uncle Malcolm McElroy.
    If possible, can you give me the adress of Neil?

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