THE D.C. SPIDER WEB: Chapter Three


The D.C. Spider Web is an investigation into the people at the highest levels of power and influence in Washington D.C.

What began as a look into socialites surrounding James Alefantis evolved into an investigation of the ever-expanding web of connections between all sections of D.C. high society – art, politics, business, philanthropy, Hollywood, and beyond.

Please begin, if you haven’t done so already, at Chapter One.

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First, we’ll tell you what we’re going to show you.

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Then we’ll tell you what we just showed you.

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In Chapter Two we looked at the Maccoby family and how they are connected to energy policy at the White house, an ex-CIA Chief, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, James Alefantis and David Brock‘s lawsuit, the Cosmos Club, the Frankfurt School‘s Erich Fromm, and the same International Children’s Charity from whose Haiti Orphanage Laura Silsby stole 33 children.


In Chapter Three we will look at the Cafritz family. We will see how they began as real estate developers and quickly their foundations to connect them to the highest powers of society. They are listed as more powerful than the Podestas or Rockefellers, their money links to the Folger Funds’, they are seen socializing with the Folgers and the Maccobys, meeting Hillary Clinton for a “drop by”, and how they attended a questionable cooking event with the Podesta brothers and James Alefantis.




There are many parts to the Cafritz family. However, every member is wealthy and has a lot of influence in Washington D.C.


This is Morris Cafritz.

Morris Cafritz was a real estate developer, “one of Washington’s leading commercial and residential builders from the early 1920’s to the mid-60’s.”

In 1929 he married Gwendolyn Cafritz.

Here are Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz together:

In 1948, they started the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation.

Morris Cafritz passed away in 1964.

When he did, Gwendolyn Cafritz became President of the Foundation. She remained President until her death in 1988.

Today, The Cafritz Foundation is worth $735 million and donates $20 million per year. 

Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz had three sons: Calvin, Carter and Conrad.

In the same 2011 DC Social List that we saw all the Folgers, we also see many members of the Cafritz family.


This is Morris Cafritz with his son Calvin Cafritz in 1957.

In December 1988, Calvin Cafritz was elected to the Board of Directors of The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation and since February 1989, has served as Board Chairman. In July 1993, he was elected President and CEO of the Foundation.

He remains President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board, of the Foundation, as of 02/10/17.

Here is Calvin Cafritz with his wife Jane Lipton Cafritz:

Jane Cafritz also serves on the Board of the Foundation.

In 2010, Washington Life Magazine listed Calvin and Jane Cafritz number six in the Power List 2010: DC Family Dynasties.

This was ahead of Tony and John Podesta at number fourteen and the Rockefellers at fifteen.

They are also reported as being among The Philanthropic 50: Washington’s Most Generous Benefactors of 2014, donating $400 million since 1970.

They have donated to the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project.

Planned Parenthood are listed among the primary donations, as well as a number of Arts and Humanities organisations. (Page 4)

It seems as though The Cafritz Foundation donated $800,000 to Planned Parenthood just this past summer.

Calvin and Jane Cafritz, as well as the Buffy and William Cafritz Foundation, are 2016 FAPE (Federation for Art Preservation in Embassies) members. Also among the Contributing members is the Lee & Juliet Folger Fund, who we saw in Chapter One.

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Also among those receiving donations from the Cafritz Foundation is Transformer, James Alefantis’s arts foundation we saw in Chapter One.

Here is Calvin Cafritz with Bitsey Folger.

Also among those receiving donations from the Cafritz Foundation is Live It Learn It, the children’s charity who has Bitsey Folger as a director.

The National Gallery of Art has among its benefactors Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz, the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation and the Lee and Juliet Folger Fund. Also featuring are Arthur Sachs, David Rockefeller, and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III.

There are many more organizations connecting Folger and Cafritz money.

Here is Calvin Cafritz with Nora Maccoby-Hathaway, who we saw in Chapter Two.

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Wikileaks revealed that they recently donated in a very significant way to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. They are among forty-four donations from “the Leahy event.” Other contributors included the Podesta Group, Heather Podesta (Tony Podesta’s wife), Universal Music, Google, Time Warner Cable and the NFLPA. (See attachment)

Another Wikileaks release showed a “Certificate for Appreciation For Gifts Of Funds to the Dept of State” from all the way back in 1978, associated with the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation.

Another has Calvin and Jane Cafritz on the Host Committee of an expensive environmentalist event with Robert Redford (who we will come back to in a later chapter.)

Not only that, Wikileaks also revealed that Calvin & Jane Cafritz had a “drop by” with Hillary Clinton. This was back in 2010 when she was Secretary of State.


This is Carter Cafritz with his wife Jane Cafritz.

Carter Cafritz is featured in the public eye least among the brothers.

As Washington Life says, he and his brother Conrad are “behind-the- scenes players in many business and charitable ventures.”

Here is Carter Cafritz with Lisa Cafritz.

Carter Cafritz and his assumed ex-wife Melissa Caftritz have the Carter and Melissa Cafritz Charitable Trust.

While it doesn’t seem to have a website, it does seem to donate to a significant number of charities. Much of their focus seems to be on D.C.’s youth.

This includes The Urban Alliance, Youth Connect, and Bright Beginnings (Page 22), with the Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation also donating.

It co-funded a study on how the philanthropic community of D.C. can affect the juvenile justice system.

Other philanthropic efforts include the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Martha’s Table, Critical Exposure, and others.


Here is Conrad Cafritz with Nora Maccoby-Hathaway, to whom we were introduced in Chapter Two. And again.

Here is Conrad Cafritz with Bitsey Folger and Izette Folger.

Conrad Cafritz is married to Ludmilla Cafritz:



Here is Conrad Cafritz with his wife Ludmilla Cafritz at the Folgers Shakespeare Library.*

Here is Ludmila and Conrad Cafritz with Izette Folger back in 2006. (Last photo)

Here is Ludmila and Conrad Cafritz with Izette Folger more recently. And again.

We saw in Chapter Two how Bitsey Folger is a former Trustee of the Black Student Fund.

Conrad Cafritz is also a former Trustee of the Black Student Fund.

The Cafritz Foundation has donated to many of the same institutions as The Folger Fund.

Calvin and Conrad Cafritz are among the Trustees of the Federal City Council. Also among them is Lee Merritt Folger from Chapter Two.


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The biggest revelation of all, however, was found in another email leaked by Wikileaks.

E-mail 21136 of the Podesta e-mails was sent to John Podesta.

In the e-mail was titled “Cooking w/ Fratelli Podesta Briefing” and it listed the briefing for a fundraiser. The fundraiser was to take place at Tony Podesta’s house, which looks like this.

Remember that it was Tony Podesta with whom Marina Abramovic was looking forward to sharing a “Spirit Cooking dinner.” She also wondered if John Podesta would be joining.

This Cooking w/ Fratelli Podesta event was “to fundraise for Hillary Clinton.”

“Participants” included John Podesta, Tony Podesta, James Alefantis and the First Lady of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dorothy McAuliffe (wife of this Terry McAuliffe).

Plus 90 attendees.

It stresses: “This event is CLOSED PRESS.”

It mentions that James Alefantis, and the other chefs are “personal friends.”

Within the attachment, there is a full list of attendees, and it denotes a minority – a total of 17 – who paid $2,700 to attend “the Chef’s Circle.”

Among these Chef’s Circle contributors were none other than Conrad Cafritz.

More bizarre is that the event is titled “Cooking w/ Fratelli Podesta” and yet in the two hours there is no time allocated for cooking or eating. At least, not before 8:30pm when the event was to end. In fact, the “Sequence of Events” was meticulously timed, often in strict 5 or 10 minute increments, and there was no time left for actual cooking or eating, nor even any mention whatsoever of food preparation or consumption.


So, earning in the neighborhood of $100,000 for a two-hour event, in which there was no time for cooking or eating, James Alefantis, the Podesta Brothers, and Conrad Cafritz got together at Spirit Cooker Tony Podesta’s house for a closed press event in the name of Hillary Clinton.

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In Chapter Three we looked at the Cafritz family and how their foundations heavily fund a variety of high-powered foundations including Planned Parenthood, how their money significantly links to the Folger family’s, how they are listed as more powerful than the Podestas or Rockefellers, their personal ties to both the Folgers and Maccobys, met with Hillary Clinton for a “drop by”, were on the host committee for environmental events with Robert Redford,, and how they attended a questionable cooking event with the Podesta brothers and James Alefantis.


In Chapter Four we will look at the Raiser family and how they fit into this ever-expanding Spider Web.

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Further Reading:

Further Cafritz Connections:

Conrad Cafritz’s ex-wife, former D.C. School Board Chairwoman Peggy Cooper Cafritz, recently resurfaced after her house and art collection burn down in 2009, but now has a new house and art collection worth many millions.

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The Cafritz brothers’ “cousin William “Bill” Cafritz and his wife, Buffy Cafritz, are mainstays of the Washington social scene.”

They have detailed histories within their own right. Buffy Cafritz is reported as being Honorary Trustee of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, advisory member of the Library of Congress, Madison Council. She is a former advisory board member of the Harvard School of Public Health, former board member of Vice President Al Gore’s Residence Foundation, as well as the President Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Foundation, Ford’s Theatre, Sasha Bruce Youthworks, Friends of the Arts and Preservation and The Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine.

Here are Bill Cafritz and Buffy Cafritz.

Here is Ludmila Cafritz with Buffy Cafritz.

Here is Buffy Cafritz and husband at an event, and in photographs, with Hillary Clinton. Conrad Cafritz was also in attendance.

Here is Buffy Cafritz with Smokey Robinson.

Here is Buffy Cafritz at a Breast Cancer Cure Reception that also had Joe Biden, Sarah Chake (from Scrubs), Candy Coburn (the country singer), and Prince Alexander and Princess Catherine of Serbia.

This blog post claims that Carter’s ex-wife Charlene Cafritz, apparently a heroin addict, was friends with Charles Manson. It further speculates that Gwendolyn Cafritz may have dropped out of the public eye not because of her ill-health but because she kept getting robbed of thousands of dollars.

–   –   –

Melissa Cafritz, assumed ex-wife of Carter Cafritz, and half of the Carter and Melissa Cafritz Charitable Trust, had a father who was in the CIA for seven years.

There is a lot more information out there on the Cafritz family and it will be further investigated.

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* The strongest connection we have seen – so far – between the Folger family of Chapter One and the Folger Shakespeare Library is that the Folger Fund donates to the Library. We, as of yet, have no reason to think that they are the same people.


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