THE D.C. SPIDER WEB: Chapter Four


The D.C. Spider Web is an investigation into the people at the highest levels of power and influence in Washington D.C.

What began as a look into socialites surrounding James Alefantis evolved into an investigation of the ever-expanding web of connections between all sections of D.C. high society – art, politics, business, philanthropy, Hollywood, and beyond.

Please begin, if you haven’t done so already, at Chapter One.

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First, we’ll tell you what we’re going to show you.

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Then we’ll tell you what we just showed you.

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In Chapter Three we looked at the Cafritz family and how the real estate developers used their foundations to connect them to all strands of high society; more powerful than the Podestas or Rockefellers, their money links to the Folger Fund‘s, they socialize with the Folgers and the Maccobys, drop by with Hillary Clinton, and attended a questionable cooking event with the Podesta brothers and James Alefantis.

In Chapter Four we will look at the Raiser family. We will see that the Raisers connect to Hollywood stars, D.C. charitiesBill Clinton’s Presidency, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros and Open Society.






This is Mary “Molly” Raiser.

Molly Raiser was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Protocol. Another source.


In an article written by Carol Joynt, Molly Raiser is mentioned as attending the British Embassy for the annual dinner to benefit Sasha Bruce Youthwork’s College Preparation and Scholarship Program.

Among the board members include Jane Cafritz.

Also among the distinguished guests, and assisting to raise $130,000, were Bitsey Folger and Sidney Werkman.


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Both Molly Raiser and her daughter Skye are Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members according to the Democratic Underground. The CFR is commonly-thought to be one of the nation’s most influential think tanks.


Here is ‘Ambassador’ Molly Raiser at an event thrown by Buffy Cafritz.



Here is a detailed, 56-page interview with Molly Raiser.





Molly Raiser’s husband was Victor Raiser.

He died in 1992 at 52 years old. He died in a plane crash that also killed his twenty-two year old son, R. Montgomery Raiser.


Victor Raiser was the finance co-chairman of Gov. Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.

He was previously a lawyer, businessman, and the finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He was described as “a major player” in the Clinton organization.


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Molly and Victor Raiser’s daughter is Skye Raiser.


Her given name is Mary van Schuyler-Raiser. She also goes by Skye Raiser-Perlin.

It is said that she is the ex-lover of Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark. (search ‘Raiser’)

Here is Skye Raiser at an event with Izette Folger, Ludmilla Cafritz, and others at Elle’s Women in Washington Power List dinner.

Here she is with Izette Folger. (Is there a better photograph?)

Here is Skye Raiser with VA Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe.

This is the same Terry McAuliffe that was involved in a Clinton scandal.

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Skye Raiser is married to David Perlin.

David Perlin is a Private Wealth Advisor for Goldman Sachs.

He is also on the Goldman Sachs Management Committee.

He has also worked for BTIG investment bankers, HSBC Securities, Morgan Stanley, and the Cypress Group, a D.C. strategic advisory and advocacy firm.



Perlin has donated to Democrats in the past, including the Hillary Clinton campaign.

David Perlin and Skye Raiser, as well as Molly Raiser, were on the Washington Life’s 2014 Social List of Who’s Who in Washington.

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David Perlin is also the Chairman of D.C. Greens, which is a D.C. Food Initiative.

Skye Raiser and David Perlin are listed as “pollinators” for the D.C. Greens ‘Spring Dig 2016.’

Within the organization’s funding partners, alongside Raiser and Perlin, was the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, who donated between $25,000 and $49,999.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is also on the Board of Advisors of the D.C. Greens.

Her brother, Jake Gyllenhaalattended a D.C. Greens event in 2015.


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Skye Raiser also established the Raiser Environmental Fellowship.

This offers scholarships to the National Cathedral School. The National Cathedral supports a range of international activities to strengthen students’ understanding, knowledge, and respect for other countries and cultures within our diverse global community.

The National Cathedral School helps orphanages in many countries around the world, including China, Cambodia, Ghana, Costa Rica, and Haiti.


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Here is Skye Raiser featured in a 2014 one of the photographs Drug Strategies, a drug abuse prevention non-profit. Also featured in the Drug Strategies photographs, in 1999, is George Soros.

A trustee of Open Society, Herbert Sturz, was a board member at Drug Strategies.

Open Society, founded and chaired by George Soros, offers “generous support” to Drug Strategies.

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Skye Raiser is a photographer at Skye Photography.

Skye Raiser is selling a book of photography. The book is called ‘Children are Children.’ It features photographs of children from nine different countries, including Ireland, Israel, Cuba, Nepal, Burma, Palestine, Morocco, and Nicaragua. It costs $55.

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In Chapter Four we looked at the Raiser family and how they connect to prominent Hollywood figures, massive hedge fund operators and policy-advocates, D.C. charitiesBill Clinton’s Presidency, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros and Open Society. And, of course, a book selling photographs of young children.


In Chapter Five we will look at Philippa Hughes and how she fits into this ever-expanding Spider Web; from her connections to the Du Pont family, Heavy Breathing, Alefantis, and George Soros.

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Further reading:

In 2012, Skye Raiser vocalized her support on Facebook for Everyone Matters, a ‘love yourself’ organization with very little information on its website. And yet, it receives money from massive corporations and political powerhouses, such as Google, YouTube, Microsoft, PTA, NAACP, Colin Powell’s American Promise Alliance.

Everyone Matters also has, as figureheads, Hugh Jackman and Ellen DeGeneresTheir own Facebook page claims their roster of illustrious leaders of initiatives such as Senator Barack Obama, George Clooney, Walter Cronkite, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Anderson Cooper


Two years ago, “Raiser-Perlin” also donated to the CrowdRise / Skoll Foundation‘s Amazon Conservation Team. They are represented by Susan Sarandon and Jeff Bridges.



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