THE D.C. SPIDER WEB: Chapter Five



The D.C. Spider Web is an investigation into the people at the highest levels of power and influence in Washington D.C.

What began as a look into socialites surrounding James Alefantis evolved into an investigation of the ever-expanding web of connections between all sections of D.C. high society – art, politics, business, philanthropy, Hollywood, and beyond.

Please begin, if you haven’t already done so, at Chapter One.


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First, we’ll tell you what we’re going to show you.

Then we’ll show you.

Then we’ll tell you what we just showed you.


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In Chapter Four we looked at the Raiser family and how they connect to prominent Hollywood figures, massive hedge fund operators and policy-advocates, D.C. charitiesBill Clinton’s Presidency, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffeGoldman Sachs, and George Soros and Open Society. And, of course, a book selling photographs of young children.


In Chapter Five we will look at Phillipa Hughes. We will see that Hughes doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Maccoby and Folger, brings up pizza in startling ways, has ties to pedo-punk band Heavy Breathing, various independent art organizations and non-profits in Washington, and one of the richest families in the world, before looping back around to James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong.


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This is Philippa Hughes.


Philippa Hughes describes herself as a “writer, speaker, flaneur, provocateur.”


Philippa Hughes reacted badly to President Trump’s 2016 election win, “Maybe because a man grabbed my pussy when I was 10-years-old at a party in my own home.”


Philippa Hughes established the Pink Line Project. The Pink Line Project is an art non-profit organization that calls itself “a community of the culturally curious.”


Hughes, through her Pink Line Project, has donated to Democrat, Jon Ossoff.


It’s interesting, then, that one of the Pink Line Project’s promotional videos involves a familiar “culturally curious” figure at the 1 minute 29 second mark.







This band is Heavy Breathing, a pedo-punk band made infamous for its strange, and perverted music and shows at James Alefantis’s Comic Ping Pong. In these shows the lead singer, who is noted to be named Amanda Kleinman, AKA Majestic Ape, speaks about their taste in children.


Kleinman wears a full-face balaclava mask, sunglasses and a wig on stage, and is suspected to be James Alefantis himself, using the accessories and a vocal effect for disguise.


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Phillipa Hughes also knows Nora Maccoby and her sister Izette Folger (seen in Chapter Two.)

Izette Folger speaks negatively about Hughes’s more down-to-earth brand of art party and those who attend, saying that “It’s not a group of intellectual or sophisticated people. They’re like party wraiths.”


Folger speaks specifically about a ‘welcome’ that Hughes had for her sister, Nora Maccoby:

(Maccoby arrived) early only to find Hughes still in curlers, so to speak, noshing on pizza.


Hughes respondedThat’s why it’s successful. Because there’s no pretension about it.”


–   –   –


Hughes is on the board or committe for many influential arts organizations in D.C, including:


  • DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities
  • Arlington Arts Center
  • MakeDC
  • Washing Film Institute
  • Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts


As well as managing Pink Line Projects, and the above duties, Hughes also manages Blueberries & Cherries and Citizens Innovation Lab, as well as a busy schedule of speeches and other appearances.


It is remarkable that she can manage all of the above, as well as being the board chair of the Dupont Underground.


This is especially noteworthy, since the previous managing director Braulio Agnese left the position suddenly, claiming “The position of managing director of the DuPont Underground was an unsalaried, 60+ hour per week, full time job.”


This seems like a remarkable workload for Hughes, who also has time to travel European cities like Berlin. Unless Agnese had another reason for leaving in such a hurry…




Dupont Underground is an art installation through the underground tunnels of Washington D.C.

Du Pont Underground is in connection with the Du Pont family; one of the richest families in America for hundreds of years. Also in the Du Pont family is one of the world’s biggest chemical companies, also named DuPont.

The Du Pont family are worth approximately $15 billion. In 2014, they were the 13th richest family in the country.

There have been many scandals surrounding the Dupont family:

One Du Pont heir was convicted of murdering a wrestling coach. This was brought to the silver screen in the movie ‘Foxcatcher.’

Another Du Pont heir, Robert H. Richards IV, plead guilty to raping his three-year old daughter. His wife, the accuser, also accused Richards of sexually molesting his son. However, Richards received no jail time, because the judge deemed that he would “not fare well” behind bars.


–   –   –


There have long been rumors and theories about the tunnels under the District of Columbia. The Smithsonian claims that the Du Pont space is 75,000 square feet, and that this is but a small stretch of the expansive tunnels.


Extensive research into the tunnels and how they interlink has been done by other internet sleuths, as well as the detailed information on digging occurring in Comet Ping Pong.


Also of interest is how the Cosmos Club (as seen in Chapter Two) happens to be 1,000 feet from the Dupont Underground portion of the tunnel.






In order to research the best way to proceed with Dupont Underground, in 2012, four DC-based creative researchers were sent to Berlin to source ideas. (page 6) They were sent by an organization called Provisions Library, a Dupont Underground project partner.


Among the funders of Provisions Library are:

  • Open Society, owned by George Soros (page 3)
  • Cafritz Foundation (page 3) (as seen in Chapter Three)
  • DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, on whose board Philippa Hughes sits. (page 3)
  • Comet Ping Pong (page 85)


In 2012, Provisions Library released an “archive” of ten fictional pieces on the potential uses of the Dupont Underground called ‘Metamonument.’ This collection was authored by a D.C. artist James Huckenpahler, who was also one of the creative researchers sent to Berlin to research the Dupont Underground.


Huckenpahler and ‘Metamonument’ connect once again to Heavy Breathing and ‘Majestic Ape,’ who clearly reads one of Huckenpahler’s stories.


In ‘Metamonument,’ James Alefantis is thanked “for patronage above and beyond.” (last page)

Also thanked is Oliver Miller AKA Dr. Pong, who provided “hospitality” in Berlin. We will return to Miller in a later chapter.


The Provisions Library website also offers as further resources Philippa Hughes’s Pink Line Projects and James Alefantis’s Transformer Gallery, on whose board Izette Folger sits (as we saw in Chapter One.)


–   –   –


We saw in Chapter Five, that Philippa Hughes has  connections to a wide variety of D.C. non-profits, perverted band Heavy Breathing, works for one of the richest families in the country on the D.C. Tunnels, and is further connected to Soros’s Open Society, the Cafritz Foundation, and James Alefantis.




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