The Great American Sea Change is a group of people dedicated to bringing truth to everyday Americans.

We spend our spare time researching things that do not make it to the public eye through the mainstream media. These things are important and mean a lot to us, and we are sure they will mean a lot to you too.

We strongly believe in truth over all else.

While some of us may have been awoken by the recent movement behind President Donald Trump, we investigate with no political affiliations. We follow the truth regardless of where it leads.

We do not edit for the sake of narrative or clicks. We do not skew information to fit a narrative. We do not believe in bullshit.

All of our investigations are done by members of the The Great American Sea Change. You will not find this information anywhere else.

While our central hub is in California, we are connected to our trusted friends and collaborators all over the world.


We also enjoy celebrating the discovery, expansion and delivery of this truth, and we plan to continue surfing the wave of this modern American sea change long into 2017, and beyond.



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